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The Lovers and Three (3) of Swords

The Lovers and Three (3) of Swords

I have searched the forum to get this combination of cards, and alson’t prevailed. A buddy of mine did a spread I should handle a romantic situation for me this weekend about how. I am in a place that is confused now emotionally (as a result of a lot of hurt due to this other individual), and I also’m having a difficult time feeling out of the situation. I am often extremely in tune with my emotions, but at the moment. I will be instead emotionally numb, as a result of our history.

The card that arrived up for just what i will do in regards to the situation had been The fans (needless to say, i need to come to a decision), she was asked by me to make clear it and it also tarot created 3 of Swords.

Does that mean I need to make a painful choice? Or that my choice will harm one of us?

My pal and I also went over a few feasible interpretations, but do not require quite „fit“ in my own mind. Weiterlesen